Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Accidental Zen View of Alignment

Alignment, 2014, Jonee Kulman Brigham, Full Spring Studio.

Today our contractors cut a big hole in the front of our house to install a new door which includes new sidelights. While our home remodel is not part of Full Spring Studio work, the surprise view created by the new door is.

As I walked through the hall from our future dining room to the foyer, I discovered that the left sidelight of the front door is exactly lined up to frame the utility pole in our front yard.

This might cause some homeowners to be disappointed in a ruined view, but for me, it was a gift. "How lucky!" I thought. I had photographed that utility pole many times, including it in an artists' book called "Electric Forest" and I have written poetry odes to its duality of technology and nature - carrying all these jumble of wires overhead, but made from a tree.

I'd been wanting to find a way to connect to it like I have with other utilities in the front yard. For the water and gas lines below, I created brick ground markings that honor our connection via infrastructure to the wider world of resources, -- and of course impacts. But the utility pole, seemed to need a vertical, rather than horizontal response.

And then today, by accident, a new way to remember our electric, and communication interconnectedness was revealed. A happy accident of underlying alignment.