Wednesday, June 3, 2015

River Journey Closing Activities

Full Spring Studio is part of River Journey at River's Edge Academy, even though the project is mostly run from my role at the U of MN, through a resident fellowship at the Institute on the Environment. One of the roles of Full Spring Studio in River Journey is providing the aesthetic/art elements of the project. Many of these came to a closure today:

  • The poem written for the project was recited a final time, during a closing ceremony for River Journey.
  • The closing ceremony was enacted, with students and staff offering thanks to the Mississippi River for something that was meaningful to them.
  • And the display case for Journey Bottles was installed. 
The most meaningful part of this project for me, has been getting to experience and participate in the River's Edge Academy culture, and spend time with inspiring staff and students. That's what I offered in the closing ceremony,"I'm thankful to the Mississippi River, because it drew River's Edge to it's banks, and allowed me to spend time with all of you."

See the River Journey website for more information.