Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fall 2017 News from Full Spring Studio

Over the course of summer 2017, Full Spring Studio's Earth Systems Journey was presented at the ESRI Education Summit in San Diego, and was implemented in another summer of Water Journey Camps at the University of Minnesota. The "We Watch the Stream" exhibit about an Earth Systems Journey at River's Edge Academy went through August at Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. These are mentioned in a spring 2017 post from Earth Systems Journey.

Also, in summer 2017 I was working on an article for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, as well as the cover art. I was also honored to be guest editor for that issue, and enjoyed connecting authors to the journal and its work to foster a partnership society. The article, "From Domination to a Caring Ecology: Healing Paradigms and Creative Practices for the Apprenticene," was published this fall
and includes Earth Systems Journey as an example of a healing creative practice.

Most recently, a team of artists (more info here soon) have been accepted to give a panel on "Artists as Partners in Infrastructure Education" that I'll be moderating at the Nation Council on Science and the Environment conference on sustainable infrastructure. We received a mini grant from Institute on the Environment, and will repeat an expanded panel back in Minnesota.

Also at this conference I'll present a poster on Earth Systems Journey, and also present at the Energy Education Summit on "The role of art and STEAM in energy education." I'm exited to share a combination of art that aims to engage the public in energy systems reflection, as well as share plans for an electric journey version of Earth Systems Journey.

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